Painting size (Inches)             US Dollars
16 X 20                                  $1200
18 X 24                                  $1400
20 X 24                                  $1600
22 X 28                                  $1800
24 X 30                                  $2000                   
24 X 36                                  $2200
30 X 40                                  $2600
  • Mark will arrive 1.5~2 hours before the wedding begins, and stay until 30 minutes to 1 hour before the

      wedding ends.

  • One vendor meal will be provided during the event.

  • A Majority of the painting will be done during the event and will take an additional 10 to 12 weeks to finish the final touch at the studio.  You are welcome to pick up the painting at our studio in Rhode Island, or we can ship the painting to you at an additional cost of $100. Shipping is professional handled by UPS and fully insured. 

  • 60 cents per mile for traveling fee after the first 50 miles 

      Over two hours traveling require one-night lodging compensation of $180

      Over four hours traveling require two-night lodging compensation of $360


      Example: It is 185 miles one way driving from Barrington, RI to Manhattan, NY. Takes about 3.5 hours

                    of driving. 

                    The traveling fee will be calculated as

                          (185-50) x 60 cents = $81 (one way)
                          $81 x 2 = $162  (Round trip)

                          $162+$180 lodging cost= $342 (Total)
       Therefore, the event in Manhattan, NY will have an additional traveling fee of $342

       If you need the painting to be shipped or delivered, it's an additional $100


  • Extra travel costs may include airfare, lodging for two nights

  • The total cost will be divided into two installments.  The first deposit (50% of total cost) has to be paid upon signing the contract in order to reserve the date.  The remaining balance can be paid upon painting pick up or delivery.

  • Painting can be picked up at the studio or free delivery within 50 miles from Providence, RI.

  • Paintings from photos can be done at 50% off from the live wedding painting price.

  • Additional Wedding Painting Thank You Notes, Print on Canvas, or Print on Linen Paper is available to order at a separate cost. 


               For more information and answers to questions, you may have, feel free to contact us

Price List​​

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