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About Live Wedding Painting by Mark


Live Wedding Painting, You Will Love It!
         After your wedding photos and video, this painting is going to be the next most treasured memory of your 
wedding. There are endless ways to capture memories at your wedding. The average wedding will have a photographer, photo booth, and/or a videographer. There is social media, live streaming, and so much more. What has always created a beautiful long-lasting memory at any wedding is a talented artist capturing it on canvas. Your guests will love the artistic element added to your ceremony or reception.
         In this wild digital age, it is fun to see something come to life, and a piece of art created before your eyes. Not only does it provide great entertainment for your guests, but you will have this painting forever, and it can be passed on for generations.  There are so many talented artists out there today, such as Mark DeSilva. Mark is a graduate of Rhode Island College, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Oil Painting. He has a versatile approach, and his work can range from impressionism to an elegant and grand style of portraiture. What sets him apart is his attention to the technical use of color theory.

         A wedding painting is done with everyone around, during the ceremony or reception. Mark prefers painting in the audience of spectators. The guests can have an opportunity to talk with the artist. This can allow an artist such as him to engage with the guests, and explain his methods. Wedding paintings can capture the excitement and romance of the day. When you start to select venues and vendors through, you can also start thinking of the inspiration of having a beautiful wedding painting created. Artists have been painting weddings for a long time, long before there were cameras and videos.     

          A wedding painting could also be an excellent thank you gift for your guests and getting prints made up for the people who celebrated your day could be a great idea. There are many artists just like Mark DeSilva who love painting weddings. They can create a beautiful image and capture the moment in a painting. This can be a life-long gift to treasure. It can also be a fun thing to plan out. You can meet with the artist early and they can start working on the background. Once the ceremony or reception starts, in comes the bride and groom and all the guests surrounding them. When you are meeting with the artist, you will give them the inspiration to create something for you. You can pick out the style of painting you want, and get a sense of what they enjoy creating. This is what they love doing, and there is nothing more satisfying than creating a piece of art.

About Mark DeSilva


A graduate of Rhode Island College with a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Oil Painting, Mark DeSilva has a versatile approach to his method of portraiture.  His work can range from impressionism toward the grand style of portraiture with particular attention to the technical use of color theory.  Mark’s influences include Mattise, Sargent and Monet.  Since 2009 when he did his first live wedding event painting in Jamestown, Rhode Island, Mark has found that he prefers painting in the audience of spectators.  He enjoys talking with people and explaining his methods while he works.  Mark lives in Barrington, RI with his family, and enjoys sailing around the North East coast on his day off.  Let Mark create an unforgettable memory for your special moment.

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